On This Day October 17th.

October 17: On this day in 1957, the Montreal Canadiens handed the Maple Leafs their third consecutive loss from the beginning of the season in a 9-3 beating at the Forum in Montreal. The Leafs went on to finish the season in last place overall with a record of 21-38-11. The 1957-58 season was the only time during the 25 year "Original Six" era between 1943 and 1967 that the Leafs finished in last place.

October 17: On this day in 1964, the Leafs played their home opener and beat the Boston Bruins 7-2. Rookie Ron Ellis, wearing jersey number 11 saved the puck after scoring his first NHL goal on goalie Eddie Johnston. Ellis played his entire career as a Maple Leaf and scored 332 goals in 1,034 games.

October 17: On this day in 1972, legendary Leaf goalie Walter "Turk" Broda died of a massive heart attack at the age of 58. Broda was a career Leaf goaltender who played 629 NHL games for only the Blue and White between 1936 and 1952, winning the Vezina trophy in 1941 and 1948. He was one of only three Leaf players in team history to win five Stanley Cups as Leafs. "Turkey Egg" was a money goalie with a career 1.98 playoff GAA and 13 playoff shutouts. He was the first goalie in NHL history to play in 100 playoff games. As the holder of virtually every significant goaltending record in team history, including 62 career shutouts as a Leaf, Turk Broda has been selected by most hockey connoisseurs as the number 1 Leaf goalie of all time. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1967.

October 17: On this day in 1992, Bailey's number 6 and Barilko's number 5 were finally hoisted to the rafters.

The Toronto Maple Leafs planned to honour both Ace Bailey and the late Bill Barilko in a pre-game ceremony on April 1, 1992 to officially retire both sweater numbers. But a players' strike shut down the league for ten days beginning on March 30. Bailey suffered a stroke on April 1 and died at the age of 89 on April 7, 1992. He never got to see his sweater raised to the rafters.

A memorial service was held at St. James-Bond United Church in Toronto on May 1, 1992. Fittingly, one of those who spoke at the service was Ron Ellis. On October 17, 1992, Bailey's number 6 and Barilko's number 5 were finally hoisted to the rafters of Maple Leaf Gardens. Ron Ellis was on the ice along with Ace's daughter Joyce during the emotional ceremony.

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