On This Day October 4th.

October 4: On this day in 1962, Chicago Black Hawks owner Jim Norris offered Toronto $1 million for Maple Leaf left winger Frank Mahovlich and the deal was supposedly accepted by Leaf owner Harold Ballard. It was an enormous sum of money at the time. The transaction occurred after a few drinks prior to the '62 all-star game at a hotel in Toronto. The next day, the Hawks delivered the cheque only to be turned away by the embarrassed Leafs who had reneged on the deal.

October 4: On this day in 1989, the Maple Leafs signed free agent and ex-Montreal Canadien draft choice Rocky Dundas. Rocky played five career games in the NHL, all with Toronto. He recorded zero points, but did register 14 minutes in penalties. All of Rocky's 5 career games were played in October of 1989.

October 4: On this day in 2006, the Toronto franchise which has included the Arenas, St. Patricks and Maple Leafs began their 89th season in the NHL with a 4-1 loss at home to the Ottawa Senators. Their all-time record on opening night as of 2006-07 is W-33, L-41, T-14, OL-1. As of the end of the 2006-07 season, Toronto and the Montreal Canadiens are the only two clubs that have been in the NHL since its inception in 1917 and both have played the exact same total of 5,710 regular season games.

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