On This Day July 12th.

July 12: On this day in 1957, Dave Semenko was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Semenko came to Toronto via the trade route from Hartford in September, 1987 for defenseman Bill Root. His best years had been with the Oilers as an enforcer and protector for Wayne Gretzky. After playing 70 games with the Leafs the following season, Semenko quit the team with 10 games remaining. His disliking for head coach John Brophy got the better of him and he went home, never to play in the NHL again.

July 12: On this day in 1999, Bill "Cowboy" Flett died at the age of 55 of complications as a result of sustained alcohol abuse. Flett was traded to the Leafs after winning the Stanley Cup with the Philadelphia Flyers in 1974. He played one full season as a Leaf in 1974-75. Although he put up decent numbers with Toronto (40 points), he was placed on waivers at the end of the season.

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