On This Day January 25th.

January 25:  On this day in 1894, Corb Denneny was born in Cornwall, Ontario. Denneny was Toronto's first 20-goal scorer as he notched exactly 20 in the NHL's inaugural season of 1917-18. In the spring of the NHL's first season, Denneny scored the Cup-winning goal for the Toronto Arenas. Denneny won a second Cup in 1922 after
Corb DennenyCorb Denneny
the Toronto franchise had changed its name to the St. Pats. One day after his 27th birthday in 1921, Denneny became the first Toronto player to score 6 goals in one game. His Hall-of-Fame brother, Cy Denneny scored 6 goals for the Ottawa Senators a few weeks later against the same team and same goaltender, Howard "Holes" Lockhart of the Hamilton Tigers. They remain the only brothers in NHL history to both score six goals in one game. Corb Denneny registered 123 points in 134 games with Toronto between 1917 and 1927. He was the only player to wear the sweater of all three of the Toronto Arenas, St. Pats and Maple Leafs in the NHL.

Sprague CleghornSprague Cleghorn
January 25:  On this day in 1921, future Hall-of-Fame defenseman Sprague Cleghorn was traded to Toronto by the Hamilton Tigers. He was only with Toronto for 13 games and joined the St.Pats in time for the start of the second half of the 1920-21 season, including a 10-3 whipping of Hamilton the following night. In his NHL career which covered the league's first 10 years, Sprague Cleghorn won 3 Stanley Cups with Ottawa and Montreal. Over his 16-year career in the NHA and the NHL, Cleghorn accumulated 169 goals, mostly from the defense position. At the time of his retirement he trailed only Harry Cameron among defenders on the all-time scoring list in the pro leagues. His goal contribution and competitive nature were key components to the success of every team he played on. He died as a result of injuries incurred after being hit by a car in his home town of Montreal in 1956. He was posthumously inducted into the Hall-of-Fame in 1958.

Aut Raymond EricksonAut Erickson
January 25:  On this day in 1938, Aut Erickson was born in Lethbridge, Alberta. Erickson played in only one game as a Leaf but it was during the 1967 playoffs. His name did not make it to any scoresheet with the Leafs, but he did qualify to have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. He retired from on-ice duty in 1969-70.
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