On This Day December 26th.

December 26: On this day in 1917, future Hall-of-Famer Harry Cameron, playing for the Toronto Arenas, became the first defensman in NHL history to score four goals in one game. Toronto defeated the Montreal Canadiens 7-5 to bring their young NHL record to 2 wins and 1 loss. Toronto won the Stanley Cup in 1918, the first time it was presented to an NHL team.

December 26: On this day in 1987, the Leafs lost their Boxing Day match-up to the Montreal Canadiens 4-2. The Leafs began a streak of what would become a team record 15 games in a row without a win. Finally, on January 27 the Leafs defeated the L.A. Kings 5-2 to break the spell. The Leafs finished the 1987-88 season with a lowly record of 21-49-10.

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