On This Day December 15th.

December 15: On this day in 1915, centerman Art Jackson was born in Toronto Ontario. Jackson was the brother of Maple Leaf great, Harvey "Busher" Jackson. Art spent his first three seasons with the Leafs between 1934 and 1937. He went to Boston where he won a Cup with the Bruins in 1941 and returned to the Leafs in December of 1944, in time to close off his career with a Stanley Cup in Toronto in 1945. In doing so, Art won twice as many Cups in his NHL career as his more famous, Hall-of-Fame brother Harvey (Busher). Art Jackson played center on the Leafs' Cyclone Line with Bob Davidson and Nick Metz.

December 15: On this day in 1940, the Leafs became the first team in NHL history to win all of their first 7 road games of the season when they beat the Black Hawks in Chicago 4-1. In 1940-41, the Leafs finished the season with twice as many wins than losses, posting a record of 28-14-6. The powerful Boston Bruins of that season edged the Leafs out for first place in the regular season and knocked the Leafs out of the playoffs in a hard fought 7 game series on their way to their third Stanley Cup.

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