On This Day August 28th.

August 28: On this day in 1932, Andy Bathgate was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bathgate became a Leaf in 1964, essentially to help put the Leafs over the top and win their third consecutive Stanley Cup of the '60's. Bathgate was only with the Leafs for 70 regular season games in 1963-64 and 1964-65. He scored the Cup-winning goal for the Leafs in 1964. Before becoming a Leaf, Bathgate had won the Hart trophy as the NHL's MVP in 1959 and had tied Bobby Hull for most points in the 1961-62 scoring race. (Hull won the Art Ross trophy due to more goals). Bathgate was the player whose shot hit Jacques Plante in the face, leading to the new age of face masks for goaltenders. In 1967, Bathgate became an original member of the Pittsburgh Penguins and scored the first goal in Penguin history on October 11, 1967. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1978.

August 28: On this day in 2007, former Leaf defenseman Darryl Sly passed away at the age of 68. Sly played his first NHL game with the Leafs in December, 1965. Altogether, he played 19 games with Toronto as an injury callup between 1965 and 1968.

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