On This Day April 14th.

April 14: On this day in 1942, the Leafs set a team record that still stands to this day for most goals in one playoff game when they defeated the Red Wings 9-3 in Game 5 of the Finals on their way to their miracle 3 games to 0 comeback Cup victory. Right-winger Don Metz had the best game of his career scoring 3 goals and adding 2 assists.

April 14: On this day in 1948, the Maple Leafs cruised to their second consecutive Stanley Cup victory by defeating the Red Wings 7-2 and sweeping the Final in 4 straight games. Harry Watson scored an unassisted Cup-winning goal in the first period. Leaf captain and future Hall-of-Famer, Syl Apps scored his final career goal in the second period of the final game. He retired after only 10 years.

April 14: On this day in 1959, after advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 8 years, the Leafs won their only Final series game at home in Toronto against Montreal on an overtime goal by Dick Duff. The Habs and the Leafs would meet again in the Finals the following year. The Leafs would lose to the Habs in both Cup Finals of 1959 and 1960, but their 1960's dynasty was in the process of being created.

April 14: On this day in 1960, the Leafs were beaten 4-0 by the Montreal Canadiens who rolled through the playoffs unbeaten to win their 5th Cup in a row. It would mark the last time, as of 2008, that the Leafs advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals and lost. In Toronto team history, the club has been to the Stanley Cup Final a total of 21 times behind only Montreal (32) and Detroit (22). The Leafs have an all-time record of 13-8 in the Finals.

April 14: On this day in 1999, the Leafs set a new franchise record by earning their 45th win of the season. It came in a 3-2 overtime victory at the A.C.C. against the Islanders. The game winner was scored by defenseman Bryan Berard after just 42 seconds. Since 1998-99, the Leafs have twice matched their team record of 45 regular season wins, once in 1999-00 and again in 2003-04.

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